You have our commitment to ensure that our community managers stay-up-to-date on association best management practices and on laws that affect the governance of your community. We will regularly advise the board of any new laws or community practices that will require a change in procedures and we will help you to understand the reasons behind the change.


Our President maintains the highest level of professional designation offered by the Community Associations Institute (Professional Community Association Manager, PCAM®). Our community managers are required to attend regular training programs offered by the Community Associations Institute and are encouraged to obtain professional designations to enhance the professionalism of your community.


Senior managers will perform regular training sessions for the community leaders. These sessions will help you to manage your community wisely. We start by providing orientation training for new board members. This will help the new community leaders come up to speed quickly on important association issues, laws affecting the governance of the association, and board member responsibilities. We will continue by assisting the board with the best management practices for items that routinely come up during the course of operating your business, such as effective policies for collecting assessments, how and when to establish committees, and procedures for requesting proposals for services and how to select contractors.